Vanilla On Top by C.J. Ellisson

Vanilla On Top  - C.J. Ellisson, Sean Crisden, Lucy Malone

Heather is a wallflower who has always taken a backseat when it comes to men. Her love life hasn't been very successful. Tired of being a bore and insecure, she decides to put up a brave and demanding facade when she's at a speed dating event. This is where she meets Tony who is a very handsome, successful, workaholic playboy. Tony is use to being the one in command so when he meets this bossy Heather, he is instantly turned on. This leads to many tropes and eventually something more.

Wow!! This is a erotica novel so it was fun and very sexy! I loved how the book starts off with a bang! And I am saying a HOT bang! While reading (in my case, listening to) these scenes, I enjoyed feeling the intensity, passion, and emotions. There is some light spanking and some dominance but I wouldn't say it's BDSM.

There is also some corporate talk since they both work in this business world. I found this enjoyable since I work in the white collar industry myself. I didn't find to be over bearing. It was just enough to get the gist of what the issues were.

As for the relationship, I loved how it took its time to blossom even though the time period was only two weeks. I enjoyed how each character learned something about themselves and how it changed them for the better at the end.

I am definitely reading more by this author! 


Side note:

I listened to this audio book and I highly recommend it. The narrators were awesome and I think that is why I really felt a connection with and between the characters. Also, I listened to the majority of the book while at work. I'm so glad I sit within high cubicles because I would not have liked my co-workers to seen my face while I listened to the sex scenes! I swear I was just about squirming in my seat!