Abel by Elizabeth Reyes

Abel (5th Street #4)  (Volume 4) - Elizabeth Reyes

I like this contemporary trope between Abel and Nellie about 'friends with benefits' or 'fuck buddies' or a 'no strings attached relationship.' Of course, it then leads to more feelings than each expects. 

Ever since Noah, we've had glimpses of the tension between Abel and Nellie. We also have seen them grow as characters. After a scandalous divorce, Nellie is no longer that broken, insecure woman. Abel has also changed. Back then, he came off as a cocky, immature high schooler but I must say that times are a changing. Abel has matured and he is all MAN! There is no doubt about it! 

I really enjoyed this book. There was tons of SEX! Who doesn't love that?! Somethings were predictable especially with this type of theme but I felt the connection between these characters and also the emotions that they were feeling. I also didn't predict some of the conflict in this so that was a fun surprise.

I also speculated after Hector if a certain person would have a book and I'm glad to report that I was right!! I'm looking forward to the next book of the 5th Street Series!

3.5 Stars