Review: The Chief (Highland Guard, #1) by Monica McCarty

The Chief - Monica McCarty

This is a Scottish Highlander romance novel set in the early 1800s during a time of unrest with the opposition King Edward of England. Tor is convinced but also manipulated to marry Lady Christina and to become the leader of an elite group of skilled fighters for Scotland.

I enjoyed this book and all the sexiness and passion. I liked Christina and her romantic ideas. Tor was a tough and hard man but he was very loyal to his clan. There is no doubt of this couple's connection in the bedroom but I felt like it was lacking otherwise. Even when Tor's hard exterior cracked, I didn't quite believe his feelings for Christina when he did show it.

The story was also boggled with a bit much about war and politics which had me a little bored at times. But it's understandable since this is the first book to a series and it's needed to build this world of elite fighters. I do appreciate how close in actual history the story was as revealed in the Author's Note at the end.

I have read the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy by this author and I really enjoyed it. I have a feeling that I will also enjoy these Highland Guards and look forward to reading more