I didn't learn "How to Love"

How to Love - Katie Cotugno

"Whatever. It doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm a maniac, and you make me that way." 

Yup, that quote basically sums it up.

This book transitions between "Before" and "After" the baby throughout the entire story. I'm not too fond of these types of flashbacks in books but the author pulls it off okay. But sometimes, I just wanted her to get straight to the point, stop teasing the reader and tell us what really happened. That's just me though. I'm sure other readers like to be provoked that way.

Reena and Sawyer are crazy for one another but also, they make each other crazy. Sawyer is a hot mess while Reena is a bit uptight. Sawyer makes horrible decisions while dragging Reena along with him. I just really disliked the Sawyer "before" while the Sawyer "after" never really proved himself to me to be worthy to be back in Reena's and the baby's life. It's hard to like a book if I don't connect or feel for the characters but the writing is done well and I also appreciated the sarcastic & witty lines.