Sweet....wasn't that sweet!

Sweet  - Erin McCarthy

Jessica Sweet is a rich, preacher’s daughter who grew up under the rule of the bible. Away at college, she sheds that persona and lives a carefree and promiscuous life but at the same time, she builds walls and keeps her emotions and feelings locked away. Riley is a bad looking boy with tattoos which isn’t anything new for this New Adult category. Despite living in a sketchy neighborhood and with the odds against him, Riley’s a hard worker, takes care of his own and adores his family very much.

From the previous book, Jessica and Riley didn’t really get along and we often saw their dislike for each other through tension filled banter. While living in the same house, we slowly get to see these two get to know each other. I appreciate that the author didn’t jump right into the sex and we get to spend time with the characters and watch them fall in love. I also liked how Riley wasn’t a man whore and I appreciate how he valued his time with Jessica.

Overall, this book was okay but it didn’t move me. Sometimes, there were some crude remarks or cussing from Riley and his brothers which didn’t come off as shocking but more unnatural. Maybe these comments were to show how the guys are because of their background but it sounded stilted more than anything. I also wish that the author explored Riley’s family past a bit more. We learn how things went down with his mother in True but for those who didn’t read it, I’m not sure if they will emotionally connect to his family circumstance. We do see some emotion from Riley about his younger brother and social services but I didn’t feel that strong True Family connection that I felt in the first book. I’m pretty sure fans of New Adult novels will enjoy this but with a big abundance of New Adult saturation in the market these days, I can’t say that Sweet is refreshing or different. 

2.5 Stars

*ARC provided by InterMix via Netgalley