Review: The Tenderfoot Bride by Cheryl St.John

The Tenderfoot Bride (Harlequin Historical) - Cheryl St.John

When Linnea arrives to Will Tucker's ranch as their new cook, Will is fuming mad. He expected an old widow and not a young, meek looking little mouse. Despite a rough meeting and even a dismissal, Will gives Linnea a chance to prove herself.

Will is one of those ranchers who come off really tough and mean. But as we get into the story, we see that he's actually a softy. He takes care of his men, he's loyal and he has a heart despite his rugged persona. 

Linnea is recently widowed and has had a rough upbringing. She is skittish and is very aware what harm men can cause. She's a hard worker, a really good cook and a woman who is so determined to prove herself.

I loved how this book gives us insight on everyday ranch living, the hardships of mother nature, and the bond that forms when working and living close to people you see everyday. This book didn't dive deeply into the characters' former pasts but we get a good sense of what happened to them. The steam factor is very low but the romance is very sweet and slow building. I love american historicals and I have read a couple of novels by St. John that I highly enjoyed. So, The Tenderfoot Bride was a nice quick read with nothing too heavy to make my heart hurt but just enough to satisfy.

A newcomer or novice, esp. a person unaccustomed to the hardships of pioneer life