Review: Harper's Bride by Alexis Harrington

Harper's Bride - Alexis Harrington

This is my 2nd Harrington book and I really enjoyed it. Usually, when I pick up a western romance, it's about a cattle drive, living on a ranch, cowboys, outlaws, or travelling on a wagon train through the American Frontier. With Harper's Bride, it was quite refreshing since the hero owns a trade store and the setting is in Dawson City, Canada during the Yukon Gold Rush. The author painted a good picture of how greedy people would give up everything to search for gold but to only come up empty handed.

There's also no surprise that Harrington does a great job of building relationships and character development instead of diving straight into the romance. This is a sweet build about two people thrown together in a marriage and learning to live and grow to love one another. I love how people aren't who they seem and I love it when the reader uncovers that in a story. Alexis Harrington is now on my list of must read authors for this genre and I look forward to reading more.