Carolina Gold by Dorothy Love

Carolina Gold - Dorothy Love

This story is set after the civil war and located in the south. Charlotte has returned home in hopes of reviving her deceased father’s rice plantation. She stumbles upon many hardships with faring weather, unreliable workers and lack of funds. Needing another source of income, she agrees to tutor Nicholas’ (her neighbor) daughters. 

I appreciated how the author displayed all the adversities of post-civil war. I liked how Charlotte was determined to make her rice patties succeed and I liked that Nicholas was a very caring father to his two young children. I did however feel like the book moved a bit too slow for me. We follow the characters through a lot of everyday details which got rather repetitive. When we journeyed with Charlotte in search of Nicholas, it dragged a bit through many monotonous parts before we get any outcome. When the big secret was revealed, I wasn’t very interested by that time. I also regret that I didn’t feel any strong sense of connection between Charlotte and Nicholas due to lack luster scenes together. If you enjoy simply written words as well as storytelling, I think you will enjoy this book. Unfortunately, this just didn’t work for me.

* ARC provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing via Netgalley