Sex. Love. Repeat.

Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre

Well, I must say that the story line is different and refreshing about a woman, Madison, who has relationships with two different men. Stewart is rich and a workaholic who doesn't do commitment. Paul is a surfer and laid back who doesn't want to live without Madison so he will take whatever she gives. Both men know that the other exists but Madison keeps each world separate. 

I was engaged through most of the book but I felt like the latter half was a bit lacking. The big reveal was a shock which I didn't see coming. I was just disappointed with the execution of the confrontations, decision making and the end resolution. It all seemed like it was made too easily for such a complicated and intense situation. However, I really liked the author's writing style and the sex was hot. I will most likely read more by this author.

3.5 Stars