TSTL by Anne Tenino

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino

Sam is an awkward, gawky, pale and skinny gay man. He's insecure and not very confident about his self image. Ian is what you call a man's man. He's brawny, handsome and ready to really "come out" and start living his life. When these two meet, Ian doesn't think that Sam is his type and Sam isn't at all surprised that Ian is unattainable. But as their relationship progresses, there's more to it than first impressions.

This was so fun to read!! I loved the characters and the humor. The sex was very hot and the certain fetish had me giggling. Ha! I loved all the references to romance novel tropes and rules. And it was funny how Sam was very well aware that he was acting like he was TSTL in these real life situations with Ian. 

I loved how the author journeys us through Sam and Ian's relationship which starts off as "just sex" and then into something deep. I also enjoyed how each of the guys' issues were dealt with and not glossed over. I haven't read many m/m romances before but I must say that this is one of my favorites.