ARC Review: Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins

Waiting On You - Kristan Higgins

Colleen and Lucas were in a serious relationship back in their high school days but conflict caused them to break up. Lucas went on to be a successful commercial builder while Colleen stayed in Manningsport, NY as the owner of the town bar. While their lives continued, they never truly forgot about one another. Family circumstances bring Lucas back to town which begins their journey on a path of second chances.


I liked meeting Colleen in the previous books and it was nice to get her POV in this one. I appreciate that she is a beautiful, confident, and vivacious, independent woman. She does have some issues with commitment due to her past with Lucas as well as her father but this doesn’t discourage her from having fun with men when she wants it.


I adored Lucas and meeting him through Colleen’s eyes. I loved how the author executed Colleen’s impression of her first glance of Lucas in high school.


“Then she saw the second guy. Her smile faltered. He looked like a Spanish pirate. Like a Romany gypsy. Like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, and like Heathcliff, there was something about his expression that said he knew things, saw things, that he wasn't as sweet or as easy or as simple as the boy who stood next to him.”


The book switched between past and present time. I enjoyed this because we get to see how Lucas and Colleen met and fell in love. I really liked how Ms. Higgins displayed their intense feelings for each other despite the circumstances that kept them apart.

Of course, in Kristan Higgins fashion, there are some silly, funny but heartwarming moments. We also get lots of book time about a few secondary characters in the story which I felt overshadowed Lucas and Colleen at times. But I appreciate that Lucas and Colleen resolved their past relationship issues as well as some internal conflicts by the end. I look forward to reading many more books by Kristan Higgins.