Hard Time by Cara McKenna

Hard Time - Cara McKenna

I really enjoyed this one about Annie, a librarian, who takes on a job at a corrections facility where she meets inmate, Eric. There's no "prison break" here but more of how feelings and attraction grow while within the walls of a prison. 

I loved Eric! He is how a bad boy should be written! I'm tired of the over possessive, stalkerish, angry, violent, controlling men portrayed in so many romances lately. I love how Eric isn't crazy. He's protective of the people that he loves but not possessive. And he respects women and their choices. So, yeah, these qualities are so much better IMO than the pycho men so many women find attractive.

I also loved how this setting for a contemporary romance is so different and refreshing. The characters seemed very realistic and their problems were as well. Cara McKenna knows how to write characters that feel like just regular everyday people. I loved Hard Time and After Hours and I can't wait to read more.