Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis I don't read Sci-Fi much so this was just very different for me. How do I go about explaining this book?? So, this girl, Amy and her parents, decide to scientifically freeze themselves with others. So, when they wake 300 years later, they will be on another planet to start a new civilization. Fast forward 250 years later, Amy is awoken early on board the spaceship, Godspeed, that is headed for the new planet. The society on board is not like earth. Everyone is monoethnic (looks the same) with no feelings. The society is also under a dictatorship where they are even told when to mate. Amy and Elder, the future leader of Godspeed, try to solve the mystery of why she was unfrozen early while Amy tries to find her place in this new society, where she is labeled as a freak. I thought this book was interestingly weird and since it was out in space, I enjoyed all the advanced technologies on board the spaceship. The characters were just okay for me. I didn't feel a real connection between Amy and Elder. Their attraction or like for one another was never really explained. The mystery & conspiracy was good and the reveal of their findings was not what I expected. It actually made me feel bad for everyone on board the ship. I will read the next book just so I can find out what happens to this society but I don't think I will pick it up so soon. 3.5 Stars