True - Erin McCarthy Rory is a virgin and described as a shy, quiet, awkward nerd with no social skills. I like Rory and I think anyone who has ever felt left out can relate to her in some way. Hidden behind her shy visage is a very witty, funny and sweet girl. Tyler comes off as a tatted up bad boy who chain smokes with some moments of rage but is very attractive and experienced with the ladies. He’s a bit mysterious in the beginning but it is gradually revealed that he comes from a very dysfunctional home life.Rory and Tyler together are full of passion and respect for one another. Their physical scenes together had me fanning myself *whew*! Their relationship is a bit bumpy in the beginning as Rory finds out that her friends paid Tyler to de-virginize her which causes some tension and distrust. They also had to get past their insecurities of Rory not understanding the reasons for Tyler’s attraction and Tyler feeling that Rory is too good for him. Added into the mix is Tyler’s ‘effed’ up personal life causing lots of drama in their relationship which makes up for half of the story in the book.I have read a couple of contemporary romances by Erin McCarthy which were funny, romantic and enjoyable. With True, I found moments of funny, some angst and lots of potential for a New Adult series. True shows accepting and living the hand that you’ve been dealt in life while finding friendship, love and connection with someone completely opposite. I also appreciate the importance of True family and how committed Tyler’s brothers are to each other. The other characters such as Rory’s & Tyler’s friends were also interesting to read about. They all have some history and personal issues that I know will make good storytelling in the next book or two. I did have some issues with how quickly the ending was resolved but I do look forward to reading more New Adult novels by this author. “I don’t ever want to be with anyone but you.”“Are we Facebook Official then?”“We’re more than that. We’re the real deal.”* ARC provided by Netgalley & Penguin Group Berkley/Signet Romance