Off Limits (Off Series, #2)

Off Limits (Off Series, #2) - Sawyer Bennett I love a tortured hero and Nix is very tortured. He’s a former Marine who served in Afghanistan. He suffers from trauma & guilt that he experienced there and has trouble letting people in. He comes off as one of those quiet, brooding guys who stand in the corner at parties while watching everyone else have fun. He’s also full of tattoos (ok, not surprising in this New Adult category) but he isn’t all bad-boyed out. I appreciate that he’s a well-established working man who can support and hold his own. He builds expensive motorcycles for a living so there’s no loser here and to top it off, he’s an artist. He makes beautiful pieces of art by welding different metals together. Emily has made a complete transformation since we met her in Off Sides. She’s no longer that spoiled, b*tchy, judgmental, rich girl. Instead, she’s working on being a better person with positive influences from her brother Ryan and his girlfriend, Danny. She has grown and matured a lot while making decisions about her life despite it being against her mother’s wishes. With Nix’s past, Emily “gets” him. She’s kind and patient even though Nix isn’t very nice to her, is stand offish and rarely smiles. Emily doesn’t push Nix for information that he doesn’t want to share. Nix is attracted to Emily but doesn’t want to admit it. The sexual tension between these two is hot! I couldn’t help but to root for them to give into it. When they finally do, it is all worth it. Again, Bennett writes good steam without being raunchy. It’s also sweet enough for a reader to connect to the characters.This book was very fun and just what I needed to escape from reality. I really enjoyed Off Sides and Off Limits was just as good. There are some conflicts with Emily’s stalker ex-boyfriend and also her mother’s controlling attitude but the main focus is on Nix overcoming all his demons and Emily helping him along the way. It was nice to get updates of Ryan and Danny from Off Sides. The next book is about Linc, Nix’s brother, and it sounds like it may be a sports romance. I like how each book so far in this series is a different theme and I can’t wait to read more by Sawyer Bennett!3.5 Stars*Copy provided by publisher or author for review