Days Like This (Jackson Falls, #3)

Days Like This (Jackson Falls, #3) - Laurie Breton

This book is a continuation of Coming Home so if you haven't read it yet, there may be minor spoilers in this review. This can be read as a standalone novel but to feel the full emotional impact, it is best to read Coming Home first before this one.

I loved Coming Home and all the turbulent events that the characters went through. I would have liked to think that their happily ever after was reached at the end of that book. But realistically, there are still lots of issues that Casey and Rob need to work out. In Rob's eyes, he was always in Danny's shadow and even though he has Casey now, he still feels like he can't live up to the man that Danny was. Casey still loves Danny but also loves Rob too. She has to work out her feelings for both men, one who is a ghost and the other, the man who is there for her now & who has always been there for her for the past two decades. Add into this mix is a 15 year old daughter, Paige, who Rob never knew about. She comes to live with Rob and Casey about a year after they married.

I've been on a reading binge these past few days with this Jackson Fall series b/c I just can’t get enough. This author has a way of storytelling that is straightforward but also so very honest. I really wondered how she'd tackle Casey and Rob after Coming Home and I think the author did a good job showing their POVs about the marriage, love, past and present. We also get Paige’s POV of her transition into a new family, connecting with her father, establishing a trusting relationship with Casey and adjusting to a life in the sticks. I look forward to reading more books by this author and also revisiting Jackson Falls again very soon.