Sleeping With The Enemy (Jackson Falls, #2)

Sleeping With The Enemy (Jackson Falls, #2) - Laurie Breton

The book focuses on Jesse and Rose who are both divorced and raising teenage children. They both have tried their chance at love and it didn't work out. So, when their one night stand becomes an unexpected pregnancy, they decide to marry. 

This wasn't "epic" feeling like Coming Home but I really enjoyed this. This had more of the small town feeling since the majority of the book is in Jackson Falls. I liked how the author executed the challenges of marrying a stranger and how the kids also had to make adjustments within this new family. I also felt that this author has a way of story-telling truthfully without it feeling forced, unnatural or cheesy. I was fully immersed in this story and made an emotional connection to each character. 

I'm not sure which genre/category this falls into. It isn't straight contemporary romance but it also has a women's fiction/chick lit feeling to it too. I'm not complaining b/c I love both and it was great to get the best of both worlds in one. I'm looking forward to reading Days Like This since it is a continuation of Casey & Rob's story from Coming Home.