Off Sides (Off Series, #1)

Off Sides (Off Series, #1) - Sawyer Bennett This is such a fun theme of a rich, privileged boy who meets a girl who couldn’t be more opposite. For a New Adult novel, I find this to be quite refreshing since it is not a common theme of a girl and her attraction to bad boys. This is a short book, roughly about 137 ebook pages, which I finished within a few hours because I just couldn’t put it down. I was pleasantly surprised how satisfied I was when I was done.As for the characters, I really like Danny. She’s a virgin, has piercings, purple hair and smart wit. Her parents are dead, she is a talented violinist but had to drop out of Julliard (not by choice), and she’s working as a waitress to make ends meet. Life is not a piece of cake for her and I appreciate how she is hard working and determined to conquer all this. Despite this tough life, she finds time to volunteer at a homeless shelter while she pays her way through college part-time.Ryan is a rich guy who basically has everything handed to him on a silver platter. He’s the all American boy, captain of his hockey team, popular and in a fraternity at his college. With all this going for him, I value that he does not have the “sense of entitlement” attitude that most kids of his background have. Ryan is well aware of just how shallow his so-called friends are and I admire that he recognizes the fakes from his genuine friends. When Ryan and Danny decide to pursue their attraction and begin a relationship, it’s not easy since they are from two different worlds. I like how Ryan freely admits how scared he is and asks Danny to take a chance on him so that they can face everything together. The obstacles they encounter include crude remarks from Ryan’s friends and team mates, his mother’s arrogant behavior about pushing Ryan to be with a girl of the same “class,” and an ex-girlfriend who torments Danny at every meeting. There are also some scenes of violence where the consequence of that is another issue they both have to combat as well. Despite all of the forces against them, they have the “love conquers all” attitude where they deal with everything openly and honestly. I do think that the author’s writing style flowed really well for me which attached me greatly to the story. The sexiness was not “fade to black” nor was it overly explicit. I thought it was just the right amount to feel the characters emotional and physical connection to each other. Be warned that “love” and “marriage” comes up sooner in their relationship than one would expect but to me, I felt their connection so I didn’t question it. This is such a hidden little gem and I hope many people will pick up this book.3.5 Stars