Awaken (Empyreal #1)

Awaken (Empyreal #1) - Christal M. Mosley I was curious when I picked this book up and I really wanted to know the cause behind Coralie’s memory loss. We see Coralie feeling confused, incomplete and unable to recall certain fragments of her life. She also has dreams that feel so real about her fighting people and shadows that chase her. Her parents are a bit of a mystery. We read a bit of their POV and realize that they know the cause of Coralie’s confusion but they are hiding the truth to protect her. Throughout the book, Coralie encounters several new people whom I found very questionable and suspect. Family friend, Court, takes Coralie around on dates where paranormal things happen and then these memories turn into a blur for her later. She meets lone hiker, Alex, in the woods one day who seem to pop up in places so conveniently. We also get her encounter with Xavier, a young man masking as a student, who makes her feel uncomfortable. I found Coralie a little bit too trusting when she meets all these people especially when she was questioning herself of their intentions. Some of the doubt she had, she let go a little too easily.I liked this book but thought the mystery of Coralie’s memory loss as slow building. We follow Coralie around for the majority of the book as confused and lost about why she is missing pieces to her life. We see some weird paranormal aspects but it isn’t enough to decipher what kind of world it is. There are some people after her but we don’t learn about them until way later into the book. This all had me a bit inpatient because I needed something to develop and I wanted to get down to the grit of the story. When we do finally get to the big reveal, I must say that it was executed really well and has me very intrigued about this world. I won’t reveal what was uncovered since it doesn’t happen until well after the 80% mark. There’s still so much more to learn and I really see lots of potential in this storyline. I hope the next book will answer more questions and give us more world building and character development. This is definitely a great start to this series.*Copy provided by author for review