After Hours: (InterMix)

After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna I found the setting to this book to be different from other contemporary romances. In some ways it is gritty and not so sweet because the setting is in an economic depressed Michigan where the local psych hospital is the main source of employment. Erin begins her job there as a nurse where she meets Kelly who is an orderly full of massive muscles and bossy tendencies. These two begin a strictly sexual relationship. Since this book is an erotica, it is very sexy but I did not find it to be raunchy. Kelly is a dominant male so we see that in the bedroom when these two are together. Even with all this sexiness, it isn’t over bearing but rather nicely balanced with the romance and story.Erin and Kelly both have issues with their past which causes them to distrust people and not allow others to get close. I appreciate how the author showed the romance sneaking into each of their lives. Erin tries to fight it, acting nonchalant when they are at work and telling herself that there’s no way she could fall for a guy like Kelly. Kelly is a man’s man who gets what he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t do relationships but he starts to do things for Erin that indicates just that. Such acts like fixing her car, fighting her battles, taking her out to dinner, asking her to sleep over, etc.I really liked this book and its romance. Like I said before, it’s not really sweet but to me it seems very realistic based on not so perfect people. There are conflicts with Erin’s irresponsible sister as well as Kelly’s issues with his father which all remind me of just how hard family dynamics can be. We see some resolution about that but it’s not tied up all nicely with a bow. Eventually, Erin and Kelly do get their happily ever after so we do feel resolve for that. For those who are looking for a romantica with a not so common theme, I highly recommend this book.