Promising Man (and about Time, Too)

A Promising Man (and About Time, Too) - Elizabeth Young

Well, this is my first Elizabeth Young novel and I'm not sure if I will continue reading more. There were several moments of witty banter but I never fully connected with Harriet or Jon. In some ways, I felt like the book evolved more around the secondary characters (and there were a lot!) than the main ones. 

2.5 Stars

Please, someone who reads this review, recommend me some British Chick Lits similar to Sarra ManningPaige Toon orGemma Burgess. I've already tried L. Kelk, J. Colgan, L.A. Holmes, J. Green, J. Costello, S. Kinsella, M. Keyes, H. Evans, M. McFarlane. Any recs would be much appreciated.