The Cat's Meow: A Witch's Brew Novel (Entangled: Edge)

The Cat's Meow - Stacey Kennedy As we follow Libby and Kale through their investigation of slaughtered cats, it seems like only a few answers were unfolded after each scene which became frustrating. The magic was a bit confusing. There’s some inner goddess (no, not like the one from 50 Shades) in Libby who grants her the power and magic. This goddess was never really explained and we don’t know where she came from or if everyone has a goddess or not. I would have liked to understand and feel for Libby more. If only there were more details about her past (besides her ex-boyfriend), magic and family as well as more history about her coven and the Alchemy, it would have given me a better connection to the story.Kale is a mystery. Libby nor the reader has any idea who he is. He doesn’t answer questions nor share any details about himself. Libby thinks he’s there to spy on her as she thinks her coven is out to get her. We slowly learn that he is a badass Warlock with some massive power but we still don’t get any answer on his motive of helping Libby and her investigation until way later in the book. I do think that the sexual tension between Libby and Kale was done well. Their attraction for one another jumps off the page. However, I do think that Libby thought about Kale’s attractiveness a little too much while she should had focused more on the investigation.Overall, this book was okay. Its magical world confused me at times and the story was rather slow until about the 60-65% mark where it finally picked up. The action and the magical moments towards the big showdown were done well. I was anxiously turning pages to find out the outcome. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I enjoyed it enough to finish it.2.5-3 Stars