Hector (5th Street, #3)

Hector (5th Street, #3) - Elizabeth Reyes I really liked this book just as much as the previous 5th St. novels. There's something about opposites who attract that appeals to me greatly. Charlee and Hector were just that. Charlee is a shy, awkward chess geek with little social skills but with the undercover personality of a sex kitten mynx! Hector is a fine ass boxer who's smart, plays chess but doesn't do commitment while he enjoys the ladies very much. I found these two had great chemistry and their sexual tension was executed very nicely. I also loved the sexiness in this story where I seriously had some 'cougar' tendencies about Hector. LOL There weren't as much immature remarks or banter in this book compared to the first 2 books. So, it was also nice to see how the 5th Street boys have grown up into mature, young, responsible men. I look forward to reading Abel's story.3.5 Stars