Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs -

Due to a horse accident 3 years ago, Eveline Armstrong has not spoken a word. Many believe she is daft, touched and can’t bear children but in actuality, she is deaf which she has kept hidden. Within her clan, she is loved, protected and well cherished. When the king orders Eveline to marry Graeme Montgomery, the laird of their rival clan, both clans are upset but go through with the marriage anyway. As Eveline joins the Montgomery clan, she goes through many obstacles to find acceptance while Graeme realizes that Eveline may not be as daft as everyone claims.

Eveline is different than other heroines we usually read about in historical romances. She shows strength through her inability to hear by teaching herself to read lips. She also displays so much determination when tasked to prove herself to the Montgomery women. Since she doesn’t speak, Banks does a good job executing Eveline’s thoughts and feelings. As for Graeme, I found him very likable. I wasn’t sure how he’d treat Eveline since he has so much hate and spite towards the Armstrongs. But he treats her with much respect and gentleness. He is a strong man, fair and very yummy in the steam department.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I liked the fact that the love didn’t happen so quickly. It took time for Evelin and Graeme to learn about each other. When they finally found ways to care for one another, it is very sweet. One thing that urked me a bit was when Graeme addresses the clan to respect his wife b/c it reminded me so much of Royce doing the same in Judith McNaught’s A Kingdom of Dreams. The wording wasn’t exactly the same but the intentions were similar (IMHO). There is also action involved in the latter part of the book which I found somewhat predictable but still very enjoyable to read. Maya Banks writes wonderful historical romances. I just adore her McCabe Triliogy which I highly recommend to others who enjoyed this book or Julie Gardwood’s highland romances. I look forward to readingHighlander Most Wanted next year.

"It was the most intense sensation he’d ever experienced. Never had he realized what it would feel like to be with the right woman…This was right. So very right, and he knew he’d never feel such again. There would never be another for him.

She was his. His wife.

He loved her."