New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters - Nikki Van Noy My goodreads friends know that I’m a die hard fan girl of NKOTB. So, when the news broke about this authorized biography, I was all up on the pre-order when it was available. This book takes you through the New Kids’ journey…from the start, to their breakup, to their reunion and then to present time. This was descriptively well written with many quotes from the New Kids. Each chapter ends with a personal fan experience with the band…such as Donnie helping a fan find a donor match for a kidney transplant *tear*, a military family receiving a free invite to the NKOTB cruise and then a fun encounter about the “Baby Mama Bus.” A lot of these fan experiences were familiar to me through the twitterverse and the Block Nation fan club but it was nice to get the straight story and quotes from each source. The majority of the book had information that most fans have heard about through interviews, past books such as Our Story: New Kids on the Block and other sources (legitimate or not). I would have liked to read more about each New Kids’ struggles after the band broke up. Most of that time was glossed over with just surface level mentions of their issues. I wouldn't say that this is a shockingly, revealing, tell-all book but definitely a fun, must read for any Blockhead.As for the title, it is so fitting. I finish this review with a youtube video montage of Joe's song, 5 Brothers and a Million Sisters. I’m not afraid to admit that I teared up the first time he debuted it at a concert in Santa Barbara, CA which I was so lucky to be at!Goodreads still has issues with embedding youtube videos but here's the link: