What Kills Me (What Kills Me, #1)

What Kills Me (What Kills Me, #1) - Wynne Channing Axelia is studying abroad in Italy when she meets a handsome boy. While on a date, the boy shockingly attacks her and he turns out to be a vampire who wants to kill her. As she is running away from him, she falls into a well full of vampire blood. She emerges bloodied and turned into an undead. She is then thrust into a paranormal world where every vampire is after her. The Monarchy (vampire rulers) believes that she is the mentioned girl in an ancient vampire prophecy. “A human girl will be re-born a vampire. She will shed the blood of all who walk in darkness and bring about the death of the entire vampire race.” As she runs for her life, Lucas, a vampire sword maker becomes her closest ally and helps her adjust to her new life.I haven’t had much luck with YA vampires lately since many of these types of books turn into copies of one another with a layer of cheesiness to top it off. But I didn’t feel this way about What Kills Me. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I really liked the author’s use of words where many descriptions were very detailed. “He was wearing a light blue shirt with stains under the arms; his spicy body odor and his woody aftershave stung my nose. I examined the valleys in his forehead, the pits that were the pores dotting his cheeks, and the bluish, puffy skin under his eyes. Tiny pools of oil had formed on his bulbous nose.” Alexia comes off as an innocent 17 year old. As she deals with her new undead life, we see her grow into her new powers and strengths. Her relationship with Lucas starts off rocky and I’m glad this wasn’t a “fated mate” type deal where love at first sight happens. We see their relationship grow from tension, to like and then to possibly love. Their banter with one another was also cute and fun at times.The politics was also very interesting. There is the Monarchy who are the rulers of the vampire race. They seem to have power over everything vampire, including the blood supply. There is also the side of the rebels who are against the Monarchy. We get limited info about these two sides but I can just imagine how much the author can expand on this in future books.The action also flowed nicely and the fighting was full of blood and gore. I liked the ending and how it all fit in with the prophecy. It leaves the reader wanting more, in hopes of finding out what Axelia & Lucas’ future holds. I hope the author will write more as I will definitely be one who will pick up the next book.*This book was provided by the author to Readers Confession for review. Thank you, Jenese, for inviting me to guest blog again!