Sempre (Forever, #1)

Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower 3.5 StarsHaven has been a slave, secluded and abused all her life. When her new owner, Dr. DeMarco, takes her to live with him and his two sons, she is surprised that the DeMarcos are nothing like her former master. She is treated nicely, she's allowed to eat when she wants, has a room (and a bed) for herself and a lot more amenities that she ever thought was possible. She's still weary of them all but she slowly forms a bond with Carmine, the dr's younger son, who is also the Principe to La Familia. As these two fall in love, Haven's past is slowly uncovered and she has ties to La Familia that many are unaware of. This connection makes things very complicated and escaping to be free is not that easy.This book was way too long. There were some scenes that could have been shorter or skipped and I found myself skimming paragraphs of the characters going to the store, driving, getting dressed, cleaning, cooking, etc. The story line was entertaining especially b/c I use to love watching the Sopranos. I thought this book would be a lot darker and grittier but this was more of a nice taste to mafia life without all the descriptive details of the blood and gore. The young love was sweet. I couldn't help but to root for Haven and Carmine to be free from slavery and free from the mafia life. The book ends well but is left with the possibility of another book. I'm not sure if I'd read more from this author but I might reconsider if another one is shorter in length.