The Devil's Love

The Devil's Love - Julia London Abbey and Michael knew each other when they were younger. He didn't care for this little "hellion" back then. Years pass without seeing each other. Throughout these years, Abbey's father fabricated a betrothal between Michael & Abbey. She lives these years believing this and loving the persona of a man her father created. When her father dies, his will states for these two to marry. Michael is upset but he must marry her to cancel his family's debt while Abbey is blissfully unaware of his negative feelings toward her until they meet.I love finding 'new to me' authors. I enjoyed this story a lot. The beginning of their love story was very pleasing and sweet to read. The only thing that annoyed me a bit was that before the HEA, one was always mad at the other. This went back and forth and lasted longer than it needed to be. But finally, I'm glad everything got straightened out. I did love the Epilogue too.I can't wait to read Wicked Angel and all the other books that I will have the opportunity to take pleasure in reading by this author.