Wicked Angel

Wicked Angel - Julia London Widowed countess Lauren meets Alex, a duke, at her humble country home where she takes care of orphaned children. They spend time together without knowing of each other's titles. They develop a strong connection with one another but Alex must return to London to take care of his responsibilities, one of them being his fiancée. He leaves Lauren with a memorable good bye kiss believing that they will never see each other again. Months later, they do meet up again at a London ball & both are surprised to see each other. They both feel the connection that they once had but realize that their true status and circumstances will not allow them to be together.I enjoyed this book just as much as The Devil's Love. My heart tightened several times as Alex & Lauren ached and hoped for each other. When they finally give in to their feelings, I was so very, very touched by Alex’s declaration of love to Lauren. I also noticed a pattern similar to Devil’s Love, where there is groveling back and worth. It’s takes a while before everything settles where the h/h can reach their HEA. But when they do, this book leaves you with a warm smile on your face.