Giving It Up (The Lost Girls 1)

Giving It Up  - Amber Lin When Allie and Colin meet, it’s randomly at a club. She is expecting a quick, rough lay but she ends up getting a man who is gentle and considerate to her sexual needs. He gives her oral sex only a few hours after they meet. I wasn't sure if this was realistic but I consulted with some of my GR friends & it does happen among first meet hook ups. I do think that safe oral sex should have been acknowledged though.Since the POV is through Allie, we get a feeling of her attraction to Colin but not the other way around. Colin doesn’t talk much and as a reader, I didn’t fully understand what he saw in Allie and I didn’t feel any connection between these two emotionally or sexually. So, I just had to accept that they had a spark for one another. The story later reveals Colin’s reasons for his instant attraction but it still wasn’t enough to win me over and by that time, I just didn’t care so much about his character.Allie’s dark past causes her to have mistrust for men. We learn that her former best friend, Jacob, raped Allie a couple of years ago. This resulted in a daughter whom she loves dearly but the after effects of the event have left her emotionally damaged which leads her to find random men for pain.“Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me. Make me hurt, cry, bleed. Make my outside match my inside. Help me get it out, because I can’t cry on my own.”Allie’s emotional pain was heartbreaking to read. Not just because of Jacob but other events that she encountered added to the emotional stress. Even with these issues, I valued the love she displayed for Baily, her daughter, and that she was her number one priority. When Allie was breaking down internally, Allie ensured that Baily was taken care of and I appreciated that.Overall, I enjoyed this book but wasn’t overly blown away. I wish that I felt more of a romantic connection between Allie and Colin. I do think that the side characters of a prostitute best friend, a crime involved brother, a gambling addicted boss, were all interesting enough. Add in a little suspense to the story, gave it some reason to continue reading. This is a decent debut for this author. I can’t say that I’ll continue reading more from her but I would be curious to find out what happens to these side characters. Because this is somewhat of a dark story, I don’t recommend this to anyone who has issues with rape or why a person would need pain during sex.This ARC was provided from the author to Thanks Jenese for inviting me to guest blog!