The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz From other reviews, I started reading this book knowing that it is not a typical romance novel. This book is really about the characters and their relationships with Nora, an erotica writer. Zach is her editor who recently separated from his wife. Wesley is her 19 year old "intern" who lives with her and is also a virgin. Soren is her former Dom who owned her for 13ish years. As Nora rewrites her novel, we learn about her past with Soren, her feelings for "vanilla" Wesley and her attraction to Zach. I did enjoy this book but thought that it was a very slow build for the first half of the book. I'm still unclear if this is an erotica novel. I think the details of the sex was limited but the BDSM pain was not. The SM topic is very new to me as a reader, so it is still very mind boggling for me to understand people's feelings and mind set. I must say that there were a couple of issues that I didn't like which made me think how some of this kind of sh*t is probably happening in real life. It just made me feel very uncomfortable connecting it to reality. But I did like reading how each of these relationships changed from the beginning of the book and in some ways, self discovery was the result at the end. There's a sequel to this book but I'm unsure if I will read it just b/c I prefer romanticas and I like a certain comfort level when reading. 3.5 Stars