Almost - Anne Eliot 3.5 StarsI'm a sucker for movies like Can't Buy Me Love, Drive Me Crazy, She's All That where one or two people pretend to be in a relationship but end up falling in love. In some ways, ALMOST has all the right elements to make this type of movie. Loner girl hires popular boy to pretend to be her boyfriend for the summer so that she can make some friends and get her parents off her back. But then we get down to the gritty background of the loner girl. Jess was ALMOST raped her freshman year and is suffering from PTSD since. She has no friends, can't sleep due to nightmares from that event, certain words trigger her to freak out. Her parents don't think she's ready to apply for college. She hopes her fake relationship with Gray will change that.I liked this book. It was nice that the POV changed between each chapter. Jess' trauma and details of her ALMOST rape was hard to read at times. Gray is a sweet boy and I liked how he really cared about Jess. He had some hidden secrets too and this made things complicated since Jess was so internally fragile. Gray's friends and Jess' sister were also fun side characters. I loved the list of text acronyms that was used between Jess and Gray. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.