Finding Home

Finding Home - Lauren Baker, Bonnie Dee Megan meets Mouth/Sean on Santa Monica Blvd while researching to write an article about street kids. They become quick friends. Megan takes in Sean after he is jumped for his money. They then learn to live with one another and also have to explain to Megan's family & friends about their relationship.This book was ok for me. I didn't feel or understand Megan's instant attraction to Sean which she also tried to deny to herself in the beginning. I'm glad she did take a chance on him though bc Sean has been through so much. He had a crackhead mother, he's been on the streets since he was 16 and he's been whoring himself to survive. I enjoyed reading about Megan's relationships with her family and friends since they played a factor in her relationship w Sean. There was more sex in this book than I expected. I felt some situations were over done. Just how many times can a vagina be jolted, twitched or tightened just by a look or quick brush of the hand? Hahah, that just annoyed me. Overall, it was a decent read.