The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Olivia and Caleb broke up four years ago. We're unsure why they broke up but it must be bad since Caleb hates her now while Olivia is still in love with him. When Olivia sees Caleb at a music store, she couldn't resist to approach him. When she does, Caleb does not recognize or remember her. It turns out he was in a car accident and has amnesia. Olivia takes this opportunity to be in his life again but she does not let him know that they had a past together. I enjoyed this book but did have some issues with the latter part of it. From the beginning, you're wondering if Olivia is crazy? Obsessive? Manipulative? A stalker? An uptight prude? The reader is just unsure with what she's about but the answers are slowly revealed as the author switches from past to present time throughout the book. The time Olivia and Caleb spent together during his amnesia, had me cheering for these two to make it past the hidden truth. When the big reveal of why they broke up happens, I thought it was "effed" up on how things went down between the two. I also thought it was brilliant how the author wrote the scene of Caleb's accident. The problem was after.... minor spoiler Olivia takes off for 4 years b/c of Leah, the girlfriend. All the things that happen after that point, I felt were a bit too much. If the author just played off of the amnesia, that would have been just enough, IMHO. There's no true HEA here either so like others have said in their reviews, it is a "bittersweet" ending. I really had 5 stars feelings for this book until the spoiler above. Then it was 3 stars for me. But I will settle with a 4 star rating since the author was able to make me emotionally invest into these characters.From the author's website, it sounds like the next book is about Leah, Caleb's crazy girlfriend. It will be interesting to see how she writes about her.