Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1)

Take This Regret  - Amy Lichtenhan, A.L. Jackson Elizabeth & Christian were young and in love. When Elizabeth tells Christian that she's pregnant, he gives her an ultimatum. Him or the baby bc no way is a baby going to ruin his future of becoming a lawyer & taking over his dad's firm. Elizabeth is hurt and walks out of his life. 5 yrs pass, Christian is that rich lawyer but he's full of self loathing & can't get over what he did to Elizabeth. He seeks her out to reconcile what he's done and hopefully become a part of her & the child's life again. It's hard for me to rate this book. This was full of many emotions and regrets. Christian did everything he could to prove that he would never leave Elizabeth & the child again. And it's hard for Elizabeth to trust him. I totally get the betrayal that Elizabeth felt but damn, give the guy a break. It felt like the whole book was back and forth of him trying to prove himself & her thinking he is going to leave again. There wasn't much in the middle. The affections that Christian had for his kid was the highlight of the book for me. The book didn't pick up for me until close to the end and by that time, I was so annoyed with Elizabeth and her distrust.