Attachments - Rainbow Rowell This story has a cute premise. Lincoln is 29ish and lives with his mother. He is still hung up about his past relationship from years ago and has become somewhat of a depressed loner. He is also an IT guy and his job is to monitor everyone's emails. When Beth's emails are flagged, he reads her emails but doesn't warn her about writing personal emails at work. He continues to read her email exchanges between her and her friend. He eventually falls in love with Beth even though he doesn't know what she looks like. Lincoln kind of freaked me out. Even though the book described him as a cute and yoked up guy, I just didn't get the vibe of a tortured hero who doesn't date anymore b/c of his ex. I picture a weird guy in the dark basement of an office building, lurking and reading other people's emails. I did like the emails exchanges between Beth and Jennifer. Those were cute and it also showed what good friends they were to each other. I do wish that there was more interaction between Beth and Lincoln but the ending made up for the lack of. Also, by the end, my freakishly weird feelings about Lincoln subsided just a little.