Something Like Normal

Something Like Normal - Trish Doller 19 year old Travis, a marine, is on a 30 day leave after a tour in Afghanistan. He goes home to a tension filled relationship with his father, a brother who is now with his ex-girlfriend, and a mother whom he loves but doesn't know how to express his feelings to. He also seems to be suffering from PTSD which he tries to deal with by himself. When he meets up with Harper, he slowly begins to open up to her about himself and his issues.I really liked this book. I think the fact that I was in the military myself and that I still have many friends that are enlisted makes me feel for Travis a lot. I liked that this isn't a book with crazy, twisted plots...well, the ex-gf was a little crazy. But I really liked that this is a story about Travis mainly dealing with his emotions, issues and relationships. This was a very fast read and I finished it in a matter of hours but the author knew how to fully connect me to the characters in the short amount pages. I also love the title to this book. It's so fitting. I look forward to reading more from this author.