Sheet Music: A Rock 'N' Roll Love Story (Sheet Music, #1)

Sheet Music: A Rock 'N' Roll Love Story (Sheet Music, #1) - Ann Lister Annie enters her band, White Rush, into the battle of the bands contest for a chance to tour with Thrust. Thrust's guitar player, Michael, is assigned as White Rush's mentor for the competition. Annie & Michael have an immediate attraction which starts a very, long and complicated roller coaster ride.I didn't feel for these characters in the beginning. I felt like the romance was too fast and had a bogus "love at first site" feeling. But after I got past this issue, I was able to fully accept that Annie and Michael had very strong and intense feelings for each other. There were many events that tested these two as a couple. Sometimes they were strong enough to surpass these obstacles and other times, not so much. Just when you think that these two may finally reach their HEA, something is there to mess it up. I did enjoy this book but at times, I was way too annoyed and inpatient with all the angst. Also the over use of "organ" as in the male's private part was turning me off. But I do look forward to reading other books by this author.