Love is Darkness

Love is Darkness - Caroline Hanson Valerie wants a normal life away from her vampire hunter family friend, Jack & her father. While away at college in London, Lucas, the king of all vampires, propositions her to find the Others who are the werewolfs, empaths and the fae. The Others were destroyed many, many years ago by Lucas & his vampires. He feels that by bringing the Others back, it should bring back a balance to their paranormal world. Valerie agrees and in exchange, Lucas must promise safety for her father's and Jack's life. What Lucas doesn't tell her is that she is an empath & he was once addicted to her empath blood type. I liked this book and the darkness it had. The killings were gory, which I didn't mind at all. It was a bit slow in the beginning. The first 6 chapters takes place 15 years to 6 months earlier. This gives us the background to Val's relationship with her father & Jack and shows her first encounter with the mysterious Lucas. I was a bit annoyed that Val lusted for everyone but then it shouldn't surprise me bc she is really only 21 years old. She was also very indecisive about Jack and Lucas. This definitely will be a love triangle that I'm sure will be complicate things in the next book. I wish that the exploration of the Others were a bit more in this story since that is one of the main reasons Lucas seeks out Val. Instead, we get someone plotting to de-throne Lucas as king, which was enjoyable enough. This is a promising start to this series and it has me intrigued enough to read the next book.