The Shadow Reader (A Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shadow Reader  - Sandy Williams McKenzie can see the fae and she's one who can read their shadows to track them. She works for the fae court & has been loyal to them for many years. There is a war raging between the court and the rebels. When the rebels kidnap McKenzie, she soon doubts everything she once believed in...the fae court, the king, and the man she has loved for 10 years. As the story unfolds, she has to make a decision between standing with the royals or the rebellion.I could not put this book down! The author knew how to suck me in. The chapters usually ended at a significant moment so I was always saying to myself, 'just one more chapter, just one more.' That turned into many more chapters and lack of sleep. The main character was very likable to me. She doesn't have any strong physical powers, like heroines in other UFs, but she holds her own & doesn't give up willingly. The men in the book were very hot & sweet. There were some lines that had me sighing but I won't put in this review bc I don't want to spoil anything. I recommend this to other Urban Fantasy lovers. You won't be disappointed!!