Lady's Lesson in Scandal

A Lady's Lesson in Scandal - Meredith Duran Life hasn't been easy for Nell, who lives in poverty stricken Bethnel Green and works hard in a tobacco factory to earn minimal wages to care for her sick mother & awful gambling, abusive step-brother. As her mother's health deteriorates, she learns that Lord Rushden is her real father. She sends a letter to him for help to aid her mother but receives no response. When her mother dies, Nell has no choice to take revenge on Lord Rushden. She sneaks into his home with a pistol and intends to kill her father. Who she finds is a naked Simon St. Maur, who inherited Earldom. He was left with no money from his predecessor. He quickly realizes that Nell is really the missing Lady Cornelia who has inherited part of the late Earl's riches. He propositions to Nell to marry him and in return he will take her out of the slums and give her everything that is entitled to her as her birth right. There is a little more to the plot but I don't want to give anything else away.This is the first book I've read from this author and I enjoyed it. I loved how Nell, was not a spoiled aristocrat that we usually read about in other historical romances. Nell has always worked hard and suffered through many problems of poverty which makes her a spit fire heroine with a backbone. She doesn't take the finer things for granted and she knows how to enjoy the little things as well. I think this is why Simon was attracted to her since she is so different from any woman he has known. I didn't really like Simon in the beginning b/c there's something about these aristocrats who marry for money that annoys me. I like the men who become successful without having to earn a title or marry someone with a big dowry. But Simon eventually grew on me and once he realizes his true feelings for Nell, I liked his protectiveness for her. This was a very fun, quick read.