One Reckless Summer (Destiny, Ohio Series #1)

One Reckless Summer - Toni Blake Good girl Jenny Tolliver returns to her hometown Destiny, Ohio after she divorces her husband for cheating on her with a twenty something year old chippy. Bad boy Micky Brody returns to Destiny for reasons that he needs to keep secret. When these two meet up, it immediately heats up & doesn't stop. They are soon meeting discreetly and having the hottest time they both ever had.This is the first book I've read from this author I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. I loved how the steaminess was immediate and I didn't have to wait for it. The h/h were both very likable. There's always something that I like about the goody goody girl meeting the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. The secondary characters were likable as well which makes me want to pick up the next book immediately. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a steamy contemporary romance.