Cowgirl Up and Ride: Rough Riders, Book 3: Rough Riders Series, Book 3

Cowgirl Up and Ride - Lorelei James After being in love with Cord McKay since she was five, AJ finally decides it's time to let Cord know that she ain't no little girl no more. She propositions Cord to teach her everything he knows between the sheets and the lonely, divorced, older man could not refuse. Oh, this was such a nice story. I love AJ. She is independent and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Cord is so HOT and yummy. Poor thing went through some stuff with his ex-wife and is scared to love again. AJ brings out emotions in him that confuses and scares him. When he finally realizes his true feelings, it is so sweet. I loved all the things he did for AJ at the end. I'm so glad to have started this series! I'm now a fan of this author and I can't wait to read more!