Texas Glory

Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath Dallas, a former military leader in the civil war, is determined to build an empire and have a son to pass down his legacy. He needs a wife to fulfill his goal but there is limited supply of respectable females in his town. In order to settle a water feud with the McQueens, he negotiates an agreement to marry Cordelia (Dee) McQueen in exchange for the water on his land. Sheltered Dee is frightened of Dallas when she marries him. Dallas doesn’t know how to soften up to put her at ease. Eventually, Dee opens up and trusts that Dallas would never hurt her. They then begin their bumpy journey of creating a son and building the town.I really enjoyed this 2nd book to this trilogy. I loved reading about the town and how much it has grown since Texas Destiny. I enjoyed revisiting Houston and Amelia and getting a glimpse of how their life has been. I also loved how the brothers emphasize the value of family. There were times in this book that truly, truly broke my heart :*( It was not easy for Dallas and Dee but luckily with these types of books, we know that a happy ending is near. The end was also set up nicely for the next book, Texas Splendor, and I can’t wait to read about Austin’s story!!